3 web design trends 2014

There are several web design trends for 2014. Most of them are about keeping it simple, easy perceptible and images, typographies significance. This time we will take a look to 3 very important trends which started to expand already in 2013.

1. Flat design prospers

Flat design is about keeping it clean, simple and modern. If you’re thinkg why clean and simple is better than design full of components and texts, then let us remind you that in nowadays’ rush people search for short and easy perceptible information. And that also includes flat design.

2. Responsive design is a must


As the mobile device is quickly becoming the most popular and widespread form of communication society has to offer, clients will ask even more for responsive web design. There is huge marketing potential. No question about it, this will become a standard.

3. Typography gets mainstream


Typography has always been serious but this year it will become the most important in the mainstream. Why? Because of mobile apps we’ve all been diving in has exposed our eyes to all sorts of typography goodies, therefore it is a major factor in our font usage expectations.