5 Branding Basics Every Logo Designer Should Know

Logo is like your first and last name, its a center of the company’s brand and its tell a lot about your company – how much you care about customer. There we providing 5 basic logo building principles.

1. Appropriate
Companies that took their branding lightly during their inception may suffer in the long run. Researching what is appropriate for your target audience will ease you to choose what style, colors and identity to use. Logo must follow basic design principles and at the end it is something that the company can be proud with.

2. Recognizable
Strong name with or without image must be recognizable and carry weight by its own. Name represents and gives a lot necessary information about brand to customer. Logo must be memorable and ‘sticky’.

3. Timeless
Perfect logo must be awesome and still usable after 10-20 years. Rebranding is necessary after some years but you don’t need to consider about it while designing.

4. Simple
Less is more. Simple logo still uses all the good design principles, as best ever example of simplicity in Nike logo – you can’t tell is the logo gathers all the information about good sports wear or the good sportswear associates with the Nike logo.

5. Flexibile
This makes it important to design a logo that don’t loose quality while scaling and printing in different sizes and color schemes, you have to assume that it will be blown up to the entire side of a building wrap and printed as small as a quarter of an inch in height. Ensuring quality start to build your logo in black and white color scheme.