Does the amount of Facebook followers determine growth of profit?

The quantity or quality amount of followers to your Facebook account determines the growth of company’s profit? Well it depends on the field of your specialization.

16 best resources for finding free images online

There still are good and generous people in the world. As we know art and performance has the copyright which usually is for a valuable consideration. We have found a great website that unites 16 best resources for finding free images online.

How to improve Twitter account?

As many of us have heard that social media has a significant role in a business and its development, sometimes it just seems that it doesn’t work properly. In this article I will describe more about few things that may have been forgotten in the use of a twitter.

The best ideas come as jokes

We will post not just the websites we get the inspiration from but also the quotes we like and love.

The website is your sales representative – create it meaningful

It’s very common that people get scared and don’t understand why the cost of website is comparatively high. The thing is, mostly people think that creation of content isn’t special and there is a lack of knowledge why SEO and Google Adwords campaigns are important.

Links we like: 21/04 – 27/04 April

Minimalism in web design. More does not mean better. This week we would like to share those great minimalistic web design examples with you!

Links we like: 14/04 – 20/04

This will become a tradition – we will provide you with our favorite links of the week. There are a lot of great stuff through internet, we just grab there some of them!

5 Branding Basics Every Logo Designer Should Know

Logo is like your first and last name, its a center of the company’s brand and its tell a lot about your company – how much you care about customer. There we providing 5 basic logo building principles.

Difference between pre-designed website and template

You may have heard of both terms – pre-designed website and template. It may seem the same thing, but actually it is not. According to our experience and workings in web development, both, template and pre-designed website, have generally made design.

3 web design trends 2014

There are several web design trends for 2014. Most of them are about keeping it simple, easy perceptible and images, typographies significance. This time we will take a look to 3 very important trends which started to expand already in 2013.