Does the amount of Facebook followers determine growth of profit?

The quantity or quality amount of followers to your Facebook account determines the growth of company’s profit? Well it depends on the field of your specialization.

Let’s say you own an international Coffee Company with many cafes around the world. As we know coffee is a daily consumer product. In this case of course a better scenario is to have huge amount of followers because it’s much easier to send a new message about some discounts or new tastes to try in your cafe. It will go viral and mouth-to-mouth among Facebook users, especially the coffee lovers.

In case your product isn’t the daily consumer product like caterpillar tractors and you want to be on Facebook, you may have to focus more on followers who are direct target groups and will be interested in the content you create and share on your timeline.

In conclusion, be smart and evaluate your companies specialization and it’s target group on Facebook because not always it’s necessary to have many thousands of followers to be an opinion leader.